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Al-Qaeda known members and friends

Emir General

Osama Bin Laden
Known as "the prince" and "the emir," is the most visible leader. Born in Saudi Arabia in 1957, he is the 17th son of 51 children of Muhammad bin Laden, who left bin Laden with a fortune from the construction company he owned.
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Abdelmajid Dahoumane
Alergian with links to terrorist groups.
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah
Egyptian national believed to be on al-Qaida’s consultation council who was indicted (but remains at large) for his alleged involvement in the 1998 African embassy bombings.
Adel Mohammed Abdul Almagid Abdul Bary
Heads the London cell of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and sits on the Advice and Reform Council of al-Qaida; was convicted in absentia in Egypt for an attempting bombing of a tourist landmark.
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani aka Foopie
Tanzanian national indicted for African embassy bombings.
Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali
Egyptian helped train Somalian gunmen who murdered U.S. soldiers, he was indicted for his alleged role in 1998 embassy bombings.
Ali Abdelseoud Mohamed
Native of Egypt who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, pleaded guilty to embassy bombing charges.
Anas al Liby
Libyan who was indicted last year on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and terrorist acts and destroy U.S. defense installations.
Top Lieutenant

Ayman al-Zawahiri aka “The Doctor’’

Egyptian co-founder and member of the religious committee who is dedicated to the overthrow of the Egyptian government. The leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which was responsible for the assination of Anwar Sadat and attempted murder of Pres. Hosni Mubarak
Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam
Kenyan indicted for conspiring to kill U.S. nationals at U.S. embassies.
Fazul Abdullah Mohammed
Kenyan allegedly prepared bombs for embassy attacks.
Khalfan Khamis Mohamed
Allegedly assembled bomb used in Tanzanian bombing.
Mamdouh Mahmud Salim
Iraqi who linked al-Qaida with groups in Iraq and Lebanon as a group co-founder; worked with Osama bin Laden’s front companies but is currently in the custody of New York authorities.
Mohamed Rashed Daoud Owhali
Arrested after he threw a stun grenade at the security guard in front of the U.S. embassy in Kenya.

Top Lieutenant

Muhammed Atef
Co-founder of al-Qaida who was indicted for alleged connection to the African bombings, he is believed to be Osama bin Laden’s successor in case bin Laden is killed or captured.

Mohammed Saddiq Odeh
Jordanian arrested for role in embassy bombings.
Mohamed Ahmed Shawqi el-Islambouli
Brother of Anwar Sadat’s assasin who was sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt; lives in Afghanistan.
Mushin Musa Matwalli Atwah
Trained al-Qaida followers in Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan; was indicted for role in 1998 embassy bombings.
Mustafa Ahmed Hassan Hamza
Egyptian who commands the Islamic Group, is believed to have taken part in assasination of Anwar Sadat.
Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil
A citizen of Kenya and Egypt allegedly invovled in African embassy bombings.
Saif al Adel
Egytian national who sits on al-Qaida’s consultation council and military committee; was indicted for alleged involvement in African bombings and believed to have been involved in the killing of 18 U.S. soldiers in Somalia.
Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan aka Ahmed the Tall
Kenyan believed to be involved in embassy bombings.
Wadih el Hage aka the Manager
Personal secretary to bin Laden who allegedly set up several front companies, he was arrested but claims he is not a terrorist.


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